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How to play as Fernando

Fernando Tips

list of fernando skills

There are two ways of playing Fernando, one is the Tank build and the other the Flank build also known as Flanknando. I used often the tank build because I like to capture points early on, but the problem is you'll get into a lot of trouble if your Damagers and Flankers are bad. You just get picked on too easy. Very risk build on Casuals so you'll end up partially losing and winning and makes your stats bad if you care about it especially when there's a Kinessa waiting for that shield down or a Drogoz that just keeps on firing your shield then you will get pummeled down easily. I'd recommend it if its on a team play with good teammates.


paladins fernando strategy
Escape Routes

As a tanker your first objective is to capture the point and after that let your teammates do their thing. If they are getting wiped out, or your shield is low on its health point then use Charge towards the direction of an escape route quickly and wait for your teammates to assemble again. Escape routes vary on different maps of course and some even have very difficult routes or none at all. Escape routes are places where you can take shelter in and into closed confined spaces hidden from the enemy sight. This can be seen in maps such as Jaguar Falls, Serpent Beach or Stone Keep whereby there's routes on the left and right side that you can choose to take shelter in and try to stall the enemy from there. Falling back is also an option of course and retreat towards the back line and wait for your Allies to come back. This is however a difficult task to do as enemy Flankers and Damagers will pursue you from left and right and finish you off easily.

paladins strategy
As you can see here my Shield is running out and  getting damaged so I point myself towards an 'escape route'
fernando shield
I survived a 3 vs 1 situation and camped inside the tunnel as it is hard for them to hit me in there or easier to ignore as I wait
for my teammates to back me up and continue contesting the payload.

fernando ultimate
Useful against Drogoz's Ultimate Punch, however the new patch has generated a dissonance in the sounds so it became more difficult to hear Drogoz using that Ultimate.


fernando paladins loadout
Tanknando Loadout 1


Get one of the defense items to level two first, proceed for Cauterize until level three and then it's Rejuvenate. When going up against Bomb King or Mal Damba I think Resistance is the better choice because Mal Damba's Ultimate and his stun is really a pain and can render you useless for about two seconds and by then you'll probably be eliminated if they have a Bomb King or a Drogoz. Grumpy Bombs by Bomb King also pose a threat to your vulnerability easily.

Defense(Level 2)

Offense(Level 3)

Healing(Level 2)

Utility(Level 1 or 2)


scorch legendary card

This is my favourite Fernando build as helps me to at least be able to eliminate the enemy if my damagers or flankers are weak in Casuals. As I mentioned earlier, I cannot think of how many times the team have been a let down when I stall the enemy and they still cannot put enough effort to run them down thus leaving me out in the open many times and eventually my demise. Not only does this build does heavy damage to the other team but it can also cause massive chaos in the chat box when other players are telling you this is the wrong way to play Fernando, by flanking. Of course, they know what's best for you and you have no idea what you are doing right? Wrong! Believe in yourself that you can flank, you are FLANKNANDO. You're able to pick off enemies easily when going one on one against Damagers or Flankers. It's a surplus if your Support or Damager decide to join you as this would make your job a little easier.


fernando paladins deck
Flanknando Loadout 1


I'd usually go Cauterize first and make it to level 3. However if I'm up against Bomb King or Mal'damba or Seris, I'd go for Resistance first until level two then proceed to Cauterize. After that I'd go for either Rejuvenate or Master Riding or one of the Defense items. Cauterize makes a great asset for Fernando because when you're capturing points it will make enemy healing useless and that goes the same for Life Rip which would make a great idea for a teammate Damager to wreck havoc easily. 

Offense(Level 3)

Healing(Level 2)

Utility(Level 1 or 2)

Defense(Level 1)


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