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skills of tyra
Tyra's Skills

Tyra is one of the slowest characters in the game and was hard to use at first. Her very slow reload makes it an easy target for other damagers and flankers to beat her. There is a solution to this which is to use deft hands as an item. I thought deft hands was useless at first but somehow it was useful with champions that have slow reload speed. She is very good against Barik as well as Fire Bomb by-pass Barik's shield and damage him in the process causing him to leave an objective or back off a little. By-pass in this case, doesn't mean if you throw the Fire Bomb on his shield it would go through, no that wouldn't work as it would directly light up upon touching his shield. 

paladins hunter's mark
Hunter's Mark Revealing Enemy

paladins area of effect damage

Tyra's combo involves using Hunter's Mark, Nade Launcher and finish the enemy there and then. Hunter's Mark have a delay a bit so it would be better to use it earlier before shooting as when you shoot while using it may cause a little delay and stop the shooting and get beaten by the enemy instead, something you wouldn't like and I found this many times to be the case. I would also suggest taking a peak towards a Flanker or a Damager that is rushing towards you and hit the Hunter's Mark skill button and hide for awhile then see where he or she is going and then chase after her.

You just got Nade Bombed

Her ultimate called Crossfire which increases the speed of the firing rounds and her movement can be used for destroying enemy back line or tank whichever you find it to be most convenient but I prefer using it on a Tank as it transform your Gatling Gun with unlimited ammo for about 10 seconds or so. However, you need to time it right against tankers as they might put up their shield and render it useless  or Grover's ultimate. 

Unlimited Ammo Cheat Activated

Best Loadout for Tyra 2017

This is the Tyra loadout build that I have created and I'm happy with it. I am able to use Hunter's Mark and Fire Bomb at a quicker time, reload faster after Nade Launcher and I'm able to reduce the enemy's healing by 10% during Fire Bomb. There's also variation of her cards but I'm content with these two as her abilities are stupendous at times, or maybe I'm just an FPS gamer. As for her Legendary card selection, I would often choose first blood as it gives me a whopping advantage in the first round and the later rounds to come with a 30% Lifesteal thats worth 1200+ credits.

tyra legendary paladins cards
Tyra's Legendary Deck

paladins tyra loadout
My Main Tyra's Deck

tyra loadout in paladins
Tyra's Cards against champions that have Slow damage effect such as Grohk, Pip, Kinessa and etc

Tyra Item Build

One of the first things to get for Tyra's item build in Paladins is to get deft hands to level two, then proceed to get Haven or  Blast Shield to Two and then Nimble to level one.  Deft hands allow for Tyra to reload quickly and not get beaten easily by the enemy. It would also make her a devastating asset to the team with her quick rounds of successive shots. Unlike Viktor she doesn't need to use Iron Sights so she can just fire off her ammo quickly. Nimble is chosen as she is slow Champion and feels all awkward walking slowly. Defense item depends wholly on what kind of Champions I'm fighing, if there's a good Eevie I'll pick Blast Shield, if there isn't one well I'll just check the other champion Type if there's more Area of Effect users than direct damage users. It is circumstantial events that have yet to unfold.

Offense(Level 2)

Defense(Level 2)

Utility(Level 1)

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