Paladins Bird's Loadout List

Bird's Deck Builds

Types of Classes

  1. Damager 1
  2. Front Line 2
  3. Support 3
  4. Flank 4

1 Damager

Bomb King 

bomb king grumpy destroys all shields when it explodesaccelerant bomb king paladins

Most of the time use Accelerant but if you are dealing with point stack(many tankers I assume)
then you can go ahead with demolition (Bird, 2017)5.

bomb king cards

This deck build for Bomb King allows you to get more health points, Poppy Bomb Quicker and allows you to have air movement. The other deck for Grumpy Bomb build is basically the same but
with Grumpy Bomb cooldown reduced more (Bird, 2017)5.

bomb king decks


Use Big Game or Exaction as a Legendary Card. However, choosing Big Game is the best option according to Bird (Bird, 2017)5.

When running Big Game, use this Loadout build for Cassie (Bird, 2017)5.

cassie paladins deck

Full-Roll Build (Bird, 2017)5.

cassie paladins cards


legendary card paladins drogoz

You can have a legendary card that gives you a lot of mobility but deals low damage or you can have another legendary card that gives you a lot of damage with slow movement (Bird, 2017)5. The Loadout below is compatible with Fusillade and is a standard Drogoz loadout deck build (Bird, 2017)5.

drogoz build

W.Y.R.M Jets is useful against Maeve, Kinessa, Cassie, Eevie which makes them more difficult to
hit you and you won't have to worry about taking more damage than dealing with the enemy (Bird, 2017)5.

You can also hit and run with this legendary card as it boosts your speed with the jet pack significantly (Bird, 2017)5.

Use this loadout built for Drogoz when WYRM Jets is chosen. Spitfire is replaceable with
Survival according to your preferences (Bird, 2017)5.

drogoz deck build


Eagle eye is the greatest option of them all as when you get a headshot although not all the time it would be effective and damaging to the other team (Bird, 2017)5.
kinessa cards

kinessa deck 2017

Sha Lin

recurve card paladins

The most viable Legendary Card for Sha Lin is Recurve as it has a high damage-per-second hit rate (Bird, 2017)5. The loadout below allows Sha Lin to move quicker and reveal enemies for a second. It also gives him the ability to regenerate health when using Planted and gain speed after Withdraw. He also have an additional 200 healthpoint boost.

sha lin cards


mercy kill paladinspaladins tyra

Hunting Party is a legendary card that helps other teammates when used properly and boost their damage output in a match (Bird, 2017)5 whereas Mercy Kill is used when opponents are in various places and going solo (Bird, 2017)5. 

tyra paladins build 2017


legendary cards paladinspaladins viktor legendary card cardio

He has two Legendary Cards that are useful which is Cardio and Gunnery. Use Cardio when there's Champions that have difficulty in pursuing you or when there's a Tank straining you (Bird, 2017)5. However, you can use Gunnery if you want to beat Tanks and other Damagers easier (Bird, 2017)5.

viktor paladins loadout 2017
Grenadier Build (Bird, 2017)5

viktor deck 2017
Normal Build (Bird, 2017)5

2 Front Line


fernando legendary cardspaladins scorch

With Aegis, you can Shield your teammates that Carry behind it and wipe the other enemy or stand on point with your teammates cleaning up the enemies (Bird, 2017)5. However, Scorch is used more in an aggressive way to push enemies off the objective point when they are rushing towards it in the early rounds or just diminish their health points when they are stacked on the objective point(Bird, 2017)5.

fernando shield build
Fernando Aegis Shield Build

flanknando build
Flanknando Scorch Build


Pluck is the best option for Makoa (Bird, 2017)5 as it deals a very high damage against the enemy after hook. This loadout build for Makoa allows you to heal when spinning against an enemy and reduce the cool down of shell spin at the same time (Bird, 2017)5. 

makoa paladins cards


Aerial Assault is the best option for Ruckus as it is going to give him a lot more mobility
especially on maps such as Serpent Beach and Frog Isle (Bird, 2017)5.

Damage Reduction Build

Normal Ruckus Loadout


Field Study as a legendary card helps your allies boost a lot of damage and make it possible to eliminate people easily with Damagers such as Makoa or Kinessa (Bird, 2017)5.  This particular loadout is compatible with this legendary card as it grants Torvald the ability to grant shields quicker and faster than ever before.

torvald deck

When there's two supporters or two tanks go for an aggressive suggested in the loadout below. It is also plausible when equipping Direct Current legendary card with this loadout but Bird stresses Field Study is a more viable option (Bird, 2017)5.

torvald deck

3 Support


These are the two best options for Grohk's legendary card. Maelstorm allows you to play more aggressive and is a frag-oriented build while Totemic Ward is used for a healing loadout (Bird, 2017)5. Maelstorm allows you to crowd control the enemy team while Totemic Ward gives you the ability to make crowd control immune to teammates (Bird, 2017)5. The deck below shows Grohk's healing loadout which is used when trying to stack a point and increasing the survivability of yourself and your teammates as it allows you to heal a little longer due to an increased amount of healthpoints on the totem and also the ability to escape difficult situations with Ghost Walk (Bird, 2017)5.

Grohk Totemic Ward Loadout Build

The loadouts below are built using the Maelstorm Legendary Card. The first loadout is designed to control the Damagers and do damage when the enemy is point stacking. However, this loadout loses out on Grohk's survivability rate (Bird, 2017)5. The second loadout is more balanced in the sense that it can do damage and also have just enough to survive through difficult situations (Bird, 2017)5.

grohk damage build
Grohk Maelstorm Loadout Build

grohk paladins loadout
Grohk Balanced Maelstorm Deck


Crippling throw is the only viable legendary card for Grover. Grover's deck below is designed to target Champions that have high damage rate such as Kinessa, Bomb King or Drogoz with Crippled Throw rendering them out of position and ability (Bird, 2017)5.

paladins grover deck
Damage Build Grover

The loadout below however is made for a healing type of Grover or when the enemy team picks a Grohk that grants its allies Crowd Control immunity (Bird, 2017)5.

paladins grover deck 2017
Healing Build Grover


spirit's chosen paladins

Choose Spirit's Choice legendary card as it is the most effective card out of them all. The Ripened Gourd legendary card takes a long cooldown to use again and therefore not as good as Spirit's Choice (Bird, 2017)5.

The loadout below is a Carry oriented build meaning that it is used to heal Damagers or Flankers or any Champion that has high mobility that moves around quickly (Bird, 2017)5.

Mal'Damba Loadout For Healing Damagers and Flankers

The cards below is a Tank oriented build meaning that is used to heal allies specifically the Frontline Champions especially when there are two of the classes being used (Bird, 2017)5.

Mal'Damba Decks when healing more than one Tank 


Mega Potion overall best legendary card while Catalyst is used for a damage-type Pip build. The build below allows you to slow down people easier and heal people quicker therefore making it suitable for the Mega Potion build (Bird, 2017)5.

paladins pip healing build

The image below shows Pip's loadout build for Damaging when there are one or more additional Support Champions on a team and when using the Catalyst legendary card (Bird, 2017)5.

paladins pip cards


ying lifelike legendary card

Lifelike is the most viable legendary card for Ying at the moment as Resonance is still a difficult legendary card to make use of it (Bird, 2017)5. The first loadout is used for a Ying that goes for a healing build while the second loadout is made for a Ying that goes for a damage build and is also compatible with the Resonance legendary card (Bird, 2017)5.

paladins ying heal build

paladins ying damage

4 Flank


Best Legendary Card for Androxus is Dark Stalker as it grants him a boost on dashing with the Nether Step making difficult to hit him and increasing his mobility (Bird, 2017)5.

With this loadout below built for Androxus, your ammos would run longer and you will get healing on yourself.

androxus build
Androxus Loadout


Heroic jump is the only useful legendary card for Buck (Bird, 2017)5.

The loadout below allows Buck to reduce the cooldown of Heroic Leap and Recoery and grant him
additional boost when jumping with Heroic Leap.

buck paladins deck
His Awesome Cards


There are two options for Eevie's legendary card but Wormhole stands out as the best of the two. The loadout below is compatible with Wormhole as it grants Eevie more ammo and healthpoints (Bird, 2017)5. It also reduces her cooldown of Ice Block and increases the flight speed of Soar and range of Blink.

evie loadout 2017 paladins

The deck below is for the Over The Moon legendary card. This is a risky build that the user has to pursue the enemy or he or she will be obliterated as Eevie doesn't have mobility (Bird, 2017)5.

evie paladins decks


rogue's gambit legendary card

Rogue's Gambit is the best option for Maeve and compatible with the loadout shown below (Bird, 2017)5. This deck is designed to allow Maeve to regenerate and gain additional healthpoint. It would also increase the distance and speed of Prowl.

maeve paladins cards


preparation legendary card paladins

Preparation is the best Legendary Card for Skye as it negates other cards that have cooldowns and focuses the deck on a speed and damage oriented build (Bird, 2017)5. This allows Skye to move quicker after an elimination and be in Hidden mode for a longer period of time.

skye paladins deck


5 Bird. (2017). Bird Teaches - Ep. 5: OB44 Legendary Cards & Loadouts. [Online Video]. 22 February 2017. Available from: [Accessed: 18 April 2017].

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