Bugzy's Loadout and Items List

Bugzy's Decks and Item Builds

Bugzy is a Professional Paladins player from District 69 also known as D69. Hailing from Britain, Bugzy and his teammates have won several majors including Dreamhack 2016, Summercircuit and Paladins Masters Tournament recently. They are one of the most consistent teams along with Carbon 6 (a.k.a. former Burrito) that are rivals of one another and more often than not facing each other in the finals.

Please note that these builds, the items more specifically were used in Casual games.


Bomb King


Loadout Build

bugzy bomb king loadout

Bomb King Items Build

best items for bomb king paladins

On this match, Bugzy was up against several pro from the E-Sports Paladins scene most notably Bird and Thiel. He starts the round by purchasing Haven and later on Master Riding as well. A couple of rounds later, he maxed Master Riding, brought Haven to level two and Cauterize at level two. He went on to win the match.



Deck build for Drogoz

most useful legendary card for drogoz

what is the best loadout for drogoz?

Item build for Drogoz

what are the items used for drogoz

At the start of the match, Bugzy has opted to use Haven as a defense item. When he got eliminated to Viktor, he then bought Haven at level two and Master Riding at level one. His team went on to fail to defend the payload, at respawn he chose Cauterize as an offense item. During this time, he was on a  9 elimination streak and got eliminated by Viktor, he decided to go for Master Riding and Cauterize at Level two. He and his team successfully pushed the Payload and won the game in the next round. 

Kinessa Build


Loadout that is used by Kinessa

paladins headshot multiplier card

kinessa paladins deck

Item Build for Kinessa

best kinessa items

In the beginning of the round, Bugzy chose Catuerize as the first offensive item. He went on to get a 7 kill streak until Makoa finishes him off with a Hook. He then opt for Cauterize at level two and Master Riding at level one. With his team failing to push the Payload, Bugzy bought Cauterize at level three when the round restarts. On that round, he was eliminated by Bomb King when he was on his 6th kill streak and thus purchasing Master Riding at level two and Blast Shield at level one. This time however, his team managed to successfully push the Payload and he bought Master Riding at level three upon round restart.



Loadout for Tyra

tyra legendary

what is the best tyra loadout?

Items Build for Tyra

what are the best items for tyra?

This was a match where he went up against Drogoz, Barik, Evie, Tyra and Androxus. He chose to get Haven up to level two, and then proceeded with Kill to Heal and Nimble to level one. After that, he went for Nimble and Kill To Heal got it to level two. After he had gained more credits, he went to max Haven, Nimble and Kill to Heal simultaneously. Cauterize would only follow up at the end of the game at level two.




Lex Paladins Loadout

lex legendary card

what is the best loadout for lex?

Lex Paladins Items Build

paladins lex items

After opening a superb round with a Penta Kill, he got Haven up to level two and then Kill To Heal at level one. A little while later, he went to purchase Kill To Heal at level two and Nimble at level one. After winning the first round, he then maxed out Haven to level three. When he was on a 4 kill streak, Androxus decided to use ultimate and finish him off. He then respawned and chose Kill To Heal at level two while using his left over credits for Nimble at level one.


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